13-14 juin 2013 Lyon (France)


Dopaminergic neurons


Nous avons le plaisir d'accueillir pour la première fois à Lyon le Club de Neurobiologie des Invertébrés.

Date limite d'inscription le 15 mai 2013

Inscription avec dinner : 62 € TTC

Inscription sans dinner: 20 € TTC

Venez nombreux!

Organisation: Bertrand Mollereau, Nathalie Davoust, Laurent Seugnet, Corinne Novel-Catin


Welcome to the 14th French Conference on Invertebrate Neurobiology. This conference covers a wide range of neuroscience topics including development of the nervous system, neural functions, sensory and motor systems, models of neurodegenerative diseases, learning and memory or circadian rhythm. Several invertebrate models will be covered such as Drosophila, C. elegans, butterflies and additional disgusting bugs.





Thursday June 13th


 1.30pm Coffee and Welcome


Session 1 (2pm-5pm): Neural Circuits 


Invited speaker: Jeremy Niven

Energy and Information: From neural processing to miniature brains

-Pierre Pavot

Characterization of different channels implicated in the nicotinic-induced Ca2+-response of the Mushroom-Bodies, by in-vivo functional brain imaging, in Drosophila.

-Jan Veenstra

Evolution of the RYamide neuropeptide gene in Drosophila

-Isabelle Bourdet

Drosophila melanogatser as a model for Alzheimer disease study : Role of the Amyloid Precursor Protein in olfactory memory

-Ghislain Belliart-Guerin

Functional identification of neuronal networks involved in consolidated memories retrieval in Drosophila melanogaster


 Coffee break


Session 2  (5.30pm-7pm): Neural Development


-Cedric Maurange

Drosophila brain development under suboptimal nutritional conditions

-Jean Maurice Dura

Extrinsic DRL guides DRL-2-expressing Drosophila mushroom body axons by localizing WNT5

-Bénédicte Durand

RFX is required for the morphogenesis of a neuronal network involved in growth and feeding behavior in Drosophila


CNI business meeting


Gala diner


Friday June 14th


Session 3 (9.30am-1pm): Neurodegeneration and Pathology


-Invited speaker: Chris Elliot

Dopaminergic expression of the Parkinsonian gene LRRK2-G2019S leads to non-autonomous visual neurodegeneration, accelerated by increased neural demands for energy

-Anna Popkova

Function and mechanism of action of new modifiers of Tau toxicity in neurons


 Coffee break


-Francesco Napoletano

Mutations in the Drosophila Rieske iron-sulfur protein induce neurodegeneration via p53-dependent alternative cell death pathways

-Abdul Raouf Issa

Cell-specific protection against brain aging by increased mitochondrial uncoupling in Drosophila

-Véronique Morel

Drosophila Nesprin-1 controls glutamate receptors density at neuromuscular junction


Lunch (1pm-2pm)


Poster session (2-3pm)


Session 4 (3pm-5pm): Circadian rhythm, learning and memory


-Jean Marc Devaud

Neural substrates of complex learning in an insect

-Laurent Seugnet

Deciphering canonical Notch signaling function in adult glia

-André Klarsfeld

Circadian control of temperature preference in Drosophila larvae

-Angélique Lamaze

Jetlag mutations rescue dyschronic mutant phenotype in Drosophila melanogaster



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